A brief introduction to the characteristics of storage boxes

A brief introduction to the characteristics of storage boxes

Numismatists who value organization and security should look no further than these double row coin storage boxes as an organized and safe means to house their coin collections. Featuring compartments designed specifically to hold two rows of coins at the same time, the Double Row Coin Storage Boxes make use of available space while protecting each individual coin against moisture, tarnishing, physical damage or physical loss - while their thoughtful designs enable accessing individual pieces without disturbing other coins in your collection - perfect whether ancient coins, modern currency pieces or commemorative pieces; these double row storage solutions make sense both functionally and physically!

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Dongguan Continent Fame Packaging Co.,LTD was established in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in 2009, and its headquarters is located in Furong Industrial Center, Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City. The company has TUV, ISO, CE certification. The registered brand P.Y.P® has been operating with integrity for 12 years, strictly abiding by the principle of "honesty-oriented, customer-oriented", and has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers, high-quality service, and reliable quality. We have won the trust and recognition of customers with excellent quality, reasonable price and sincere service, and have formed a good reputation in the industry. P.Y.P® adheres to the core concept of establishing close partnership with large domestic and foreign enterprises, and builds the first brand of the best trading card supplies in China.

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Organize and Protect: Card Storage Boxes for Collectors

Card Storage Boxes are essential companions for collectors looking to keep their valuable card collections organized and well-preserved. These versatile boxes are designed to accommodate various card sizes, offering compartments that prevent cards from shifting and bending during storage. Crafted from sturdy materials, these boxes shield cards from dust, moisture, and physical damage. Whether you're storing sports cards, trading cards, or collectible game cards, Card Storage Boxes provide a reliable and practical solution to maintain the integrity of your cherished collection.

Toploader Storage Boxes for Card Collectors

Card collectors looking to ensure both preservation and access should consider investing in Toploader Storage Boxes as part of their storage solution arsenal. Carefully constructed to hold toploader holders - an effective shield that helps shield cards from wear and tear - these storage solutions offer protection and accessibility all at the same time, offering easy retrieval when they are necessary. Whether it be graded cards, prized inserts or delicate collectibles they provide an efficient method to organize collections while organizing collections while being easily retrieval when needed!

Secure Storage for Your Trading Card Treasures: Trading Card Storage Boxes

Trading Card Storage Boxes offer card enthusiasts a safe and organized means to house their precious trading card collections. Configured to fit standard card sizes, each Trading Card Storage Box features compartments designed to prevent cards from touching each other or being damaged from external factors; designed with durability in mind they provide protection from external forces that might compromise card quality; ideal for rare Pokemon cards, sports trading cards or any other collectible cards they will keep your collection in mint condition for generations.

Semi-Rigid Storage Boxes for Cards

Semi-rigid Storage Boxes offer collectors looking for both flexibility and protection an optimal storage solution in one. Constructed from durable materials such as wood fiberboard or durable fabric material, these storage solutions protect semi-rigid holder cards from dust, bendage and environmental factors without being rigid like hard plastic storage solutions can. Furthermore, each compartment offers snug fits to holders to help minimize movement or potential damage; perfect whether organizing collection of semi-rigid cards or display. These boxes offer versatility as preservation combined together in one package!

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Very professional seller. The contact with Grace was especially fruitful and she helped us solve many issues with customs and shipping. Looking forward to ordering again from this seller.

Laura with Dongguan Continent Fsme Packaging was very helpful. she walked me through the process of creating my own slabs and they came out perfect! I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Fantastic to work with, great deal and fast delivery pleasure doing business hope to do more next year..

The product customization service experience is great, the sales and engineers are very professional, thank you for everything you do.

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2-Piece design where the lid fits over the whole box. A popular choice because their capacity is somewhat forgiving because of the design.

The 2 Piece Slider Box is made of crystal clear, high impact polystyrene and features a friction fit design.

Use this box to store, protect and display collectible trading cards like: baseball cards, basketball cards, football cards, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and others.

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