Toploader Binder Wholesale Suppliers from China

Trading Card Album Toploader Binder

  • Color:
  • Yellow      Black      White      Red      Blue      Cyan      Sky blue      Orange
  • Open:
  • Zipper        Elastic Strap
  • Material:
  • PU
Designed for cards in 3''x4'' toploaders
  1.    1. Ultra-sonic welded pages (no ring)
  2.    2. High-quality zipper
  3.    3. Splash-resistant vegan-leather cover
  4.    4. Double-sided 9-pocket pages
  5.    5. High clarity pockets
  6.    6. Sideloading compartment system

 This toploader binder holds in 3''x4'' toploaders. The perfect way to safely browse your cards. Your cards cannot bend or damage.Toploader Binder Designed for cards in 3''x4'' toploaders, so you don't have to worry about your valuable cards being damaged