130PT Thick Empty Graded Card Slab

130PT Thick Empty Graded Card Slab - Transparent Border

SKU: 1-GCH130   Brand: PYP
1.Great for sealing some of your own collectibles, OR for personalized brand header 
2.Seals using an ultrasonic welder OR a tiny bit of acrylic adhesive 
3.UV protection This sturdy plastic card holder helps prevents the sun's rays from fading your graded Sports card and keeps them looking brand new
4.Can be stacked with Psa Graded cards
5.Available in clear & frosted borders and Sports card size & gaming card size
6.Customize your brand logo

Our 2-piece 130PT Thick Empty Graded Card Slab is a great way to encapsulate your favorite card and preserve its condition. When sealing the slabs most customers use a glue applied "lightly". We recommend a glue with PMMA acrylic called Aron Alpha Type 221 available on Amazon and its not expensive. It is fast-setting typically 10-15 seconds to dry.