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PYP Participate in the board game exhibition in Essen, Germany again

This is the third time our company has participated in the board game exhibition in Essen, Germany. The exhibition brought together all branches of the non-video game industry, and chess, card and board game enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to celebrate the annual carnival. We prepared for this event 2 months in advance. Our company has prepared a variety of new products for this exhibition, such as Magnetic Holder, Toploaders, Card Sleeves, etc., which are currently the most popular products. Gaming Card Deck Boxes are very popular at this exhibition. Interested friends are welcome to consult.


Made in China - Factory Capacity

Our factory covers an area of about 10,000 square meters. At present, the factory has 4 film blowing machines and 20 bag cutting machines for making Card Sleeves. The production capacity can reach 4.5 million Card Sleeves a day, and a 40-foot container can be produced in 6 days. 5 sets of paper cutters to cut PVC sheets to produce Toploaders, 110 workers to make Toploaders, one day production capacity of 250,000 3x4” Toploaders, 5 days to produce a 20-foot container, 10 sets of high-frequency machines, specializing in the production of Semi-Rigid Cards Holders, 240,000 units a day, 2 containers a month, 3 ultrasonic machines for Deck Boxes, Binders, Albums, 12 injection molding machines for Magnetic Card Holders, 2-Piece Slider Trading Boxes, Hinged Trading Card Boxes, Stands, PSA Grading Holders. It can produce 3-5 pieces of container bricks and boxes a month. At present, the company has about 200 regular employees and 55 part-time workers.
For purchase, please feel free to contact us for more details. More videos, photos of our company, and more information about our products are provided for your reference.